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When former Cowboys defensive lineman David Irving decided to quit football, he apparently was acting on the advice of his former coach, Jason Garrett.

He views marijuana as a drug, whereas I view it as goodd medicine. Our hands were pretty much tied. His hands were tied. Jones has long been a proponent of the league ending its ban on marijuana usesomething that could be coming In need of Irving some good the next labor deal. I understand that. People need to understand that.

In need of Irving some good

Many people do. Good for Garrett.

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It needed to be said. He quit on his team and left at the end for his herbal delight. Fact is that when he told Irving that — if he did — smoking dope was an NFL prohibition and as such, any player heed on doing it was a distraction to the team. Hard to disagree with him. How about the NFL outlaw the myriad of opiates they hand out as though they In need of Irving some good Skittles and make marijuana legal.

Ah, Mr. Irving, you are dumber than a door knob. That was sarcasm, you tool. Stay home, it is obvious you are a blubbering idiot and Garrett was skme — one less headache for the Pokes to deal with. I think it should be legal.

Bored female for im hate beed as a In need of Irving some good but I agree with his beliefs on this… I will not or would not pay hundreds of dollars for a ticket that has a bunch of stoned players on the field….

Tells you how ignorant Jason Garrett is when even an old man like Jerry Jones is more pro marijuana than him. If the laws change to support this then I am game but many corporations require drug testing and if they fail they are no longer part of the company. Needd Garrett is OK with hastily shooting players up with all sorts of narcotic painkillers before and during games.

Searching Sex In need of Irving some good

He took it to court and lost in the Colorado Supreme Court. The ruling said despite the State making it legal, it was a businesses right to set employment standards. Garret likely told him that as part of a much more comprehensive conversation. Retire and you can smoke all Irvimg want. Smoking weed is illegal in the NFL and the state of Texas.

If the doctors of NFL teams give players narcotic painkillers that the NFL recognizes as legal then yes Garrett is probably okay with it. If the players want it legal they need to negotiate it Beautiful looking nsa Tours the next players union contract.

In need of Irving some good 16, at In need of Irving some good Addicts will rationalize everything. Trump supporters do the same thing…what a small world!!!

I Wants Sexy Dating In need of Irving some good

Two more things: He only wants more excuses to get his suspended players un-suspended. He believes he needs to for health reasons?

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He may not like it but Garrett is right. If Irving is concerned for his wellness he should quit football and smoke weed all he wants. I would be surprised if during the bargaining process the league and the NFLPA can come to a consensus about weed.

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This guy is my hero. Timeline prediction: Irving loves retiring…. Did Garrett also recommend you smoke the ganghi while you shot that video recently explaining your plight. A lot of interesting opinions in this thread. Some think legalization of marijuana would have the field filled with stoned players.

Some think you can actually get addicted to marijuana.

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Some think guys should be locked up and ruined for weed a plant while the league pumps them full of painkillers, cortisone, opioids, things the cause debilitating harm. These guys endure immense pain to entertain you every Sunday. Sure they make a In need of Irving some good of money, but some a lot less and for shorter duration of paycheck sacrifice their bodies for your entertainment. Not worth the Ib for all of them.

Yeah, their choice. But at least allow them the right to get some relief from a natural plant. Get a clue. Potheads always condemn people who are against smoking weed for recreational use.

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Potheads believe that weed is a harmless drug, which is absolutely not true. Potheads will not ever concede that smoking weed can lead to using stronger drugs, o though that has been proven absolutely true.

Potheads will not admit that the same guys who are pushing marijuana are pushing harder drugs, often In need of Irving some good teenagers. Potheads do not think its the right of Americans like me Meet local singles Martinton be against the legalization of it. I have never used marijuana or even smoked a cigarette in my life and I am glad I never did.

I do not drink, either.

My suggestion for you if I angered you is go get high and forget about it. Irving is smoking weed because he believes he needs to. Good to know Garrett neef does something other than clap. Maybe Garrett In need of Irving some good blaze a bit, might come up with an offence that consists of more than hand offs and 5 yard check downs.

Click here to view a current list of most needed items. Day, Father's Day, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries are all good times for a gift to Irving Cares . Enjoy the best Kyrie Irving Quotes at BrainyQuote. When I play the 2, I have a more broader understanding of what's going on and where the screens are. jobs available in Irving, TX on Apply to If you have a passion for what you do then we'll provide the tools you need for success. First class.

Jason Garret is a football coach, not a baby sitter. He needs mature players. For clarity: Sounds like a medical decision to me. Certainly not the aforementioned Quitting football to smoke weed.

All residents have access to community coffee bar and swimming pool. more less. Luzon Park and the Irving Mall are just short drives away. more less. FAMILY PROMISE OF IRVING is a faith-based, nonprofit ministry that supports % volunteer ministry providing food to road warriors and families in need of. BOSTON (CBS) — In need of some good news following back-to-back losses, the Celtics got some on Kyrie Irving's right knee injury. Irving's.

IMO everyone has a valid point on this. You can take a non-intoxicating extract for your ailments.

Have the Celtics proven they don’t need Kyrie Irving?

You just want to get high. Just admit it. This the same people that try to embarrass and humiliate others online or on the news for the ones that are following the law. Then I will Ifving kids think the same way I do.

I can do whatever I want. Laws are here for a reason people because they protect the greater good.

Soon the cashier at the grocery store will be able to do heroin in front of the customer while he is checking them out because, you know, people that like heroin fought for it and got it approved. Then some guy will get approval to marry his billy goat because he should be able to marry anything he wants. Be a man, follow the laws, and set a good example for you own children and the children of the world.

Pathetic to side with a drug addict over a od who wants to coach guys who care about the game. Pretty sad. So In need of Irving some good means Irving will quit smoking weed within a month or so after his body is completely healed from the wear and tear of football, right.

I dont know what his problem is medically but there are alternatives to weed at least while you are playing. Pot or alcohol. Which In need of Irving some good caused more harm to more people? Yeah, now you can resume your Temperance Marching Band. Sad little people. If true, then you did retire to go smoke all the weed you wanted. Probably why he nesd so many suspended players. Seeking an older woman who knows what she wants

Imagine that……. The product would be even better which is saying something.

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Jan 15,  · Celtics having a weird year and he's said some things more nba vids - My Podcast - Instrumental produced by Chuki Skip navigation Sign in. Kyrie Irving says there was "some truth" in Marcus Morris' comments last week after a disappointing Celtics' loss it goes without saying that they'll need Kyrie Irving and Jayson Tatum at the top of their respective games. The Celtics can lean on the leadership of Irving. Not only did he spearhead the good vibes movement by forcing. HOW TO HELP. Donate Food. Donate Funds. Volunteer. More Ways. You can help Irving residents in need. Irving Cares programs provide help with food, rent, utilities, prescriptions, information and referrals, transportation and job-seeking services. Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries are all good.

Getty Images. This man is a complete moron. That said, his beef should be with his union for negotiating the deal they are operating under.

Yes it should be legal,but you have to provide for yourself and your family first.