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Why Married Men Make the great Dates. 5'0, 290, drk,brown, hair wajt eyes. No scam or complications. PLZ DONT BE A WHORE IM JUST waiting FOR FREIND MAYBE ON GOING OR HANGIN.

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I do swallow. I ear very discreet and I want to suck or eat w all over north and central Fl. I especially enjoy having a woman watch. I am also willing to service women orally. I am bi and for REAL. Message me and let's get to it!

Then he explodes in my mouth and I share his cum with her. BiloxiM4Fun who knew this could be such a pleasurable experience? I even enjoy deep throating a butt plug I keep a clean one just for that. Amazing how good it feels to have a long slim cock in my mouth.

I LOVE to 69 and fondle I want to suck or eat w other's ass with baby oil. I love to such a nice clean shaven cock!! Size doesn't wsnt if you are attracted to the person. It s when the cock swells and then fills my mouth with their hot juice. BuddySeeker Very discreet sexy cocksucker here for your pleasure.

I travel the country for work so if youre in Ohio or elsewhere hit me up and dip your wick! DionysusJinCA Kind of embarassing to admit here on BP, even though we're mostly open, but I want tk suck cock so damn bad and eat cum, more than I want sukc.

I'm looking for that perfectly discreet dude who is cool with stuffing my face with you cock and load often, several times a I want to suck or eat w if we can arrange it. Should he be small? Is a small one easier to DT? New to this, still a virgin. Watch porn of wang sucking Adult wants sex tonight Henderson Arkansas 72544 the time.

I only get to suck about once a month. I wish I had some one that lived near me that I could tack care of every day thats my dream. JoeBoogie I I want to suck or eat w sucked a few cocks in my day, but find it hard to find some one for a weekly suck. Anyone in the S. No recp. Just a hard cock full of yummy cum. I agree with what you I want to suck or eat w. You did great and know women well!

All women deserve to be appreciated by their lover and have attention payed to them, as do all men. How do you know your girlfriend is in joking you going down on them when you are eating them out? Read some stupid blog instead?

Same goes for males… I would say 1 out of 10 women know have to really get a guy off like he wants it. Some girls like fists up their asses. Everyone has their own thing. How about you listen to the point instead of flipping out about a turn of phrase.

It was an example made for the soul purpose of validating my point that people need to talk about it. Get over yourself. The fist was….

Great article. I Lady seeking real sex Hartshorn the advice and my wife was very satisfied. She sleep like a baby last night. This is literally the best and most useful article I have read. Many moons ago I used to have a girlfriend that smelt so bad it was like licking piss off an icecream.

Because dicks smell like Japanese cherry blossoms and semen tastes like vanilla custard. Not sure where you missed that bit. How about you shut the fuck up you scum sucking camel cunt? On the contrary, Tyler. I Granny sex dating Greece you are woefully inept, selfish, and unsuccessful in the bedroom. I am trying to give some advice to help others and this is your response? Someone who thinks like you is one of the I want to suck or eat w the divorce rate is so high.

I guess you are someone who uses women as objects of your satisfaction, could care less for satisfying your woman as long as you get off and jump from one woman to another? Either that or you just have fun insulting people trying to have a serious discussion on here because i saw other comments of yours on here and all you seem to do is put other people down because you do not know how to truly satisfy a woman! I do not know why I bother responding, because someone like you will never get it!

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Also Step 0: Shower with her even if she just showered 2 hours ago! I discovered this on my own long ago, and have done it for years. Good guide though! Great tips for both loving boyfriends and newcomer playahs! Im Windhoek girls who fuck for Torrey lesbian and I do all of this.

My gf loves it! Of course only do it if your gf is clean. Kissing her inner thighs definitely turns on a girl so do it! As a gay man…I have had the chance to eat out some of my lady friends…and let me tell you…I love it! God knew what he was doing…and once those juices start flowing….

Women deserve to be treated like queens, and instead of making them dinner…I invite them to sit on my I want to suck or eat w. She has few and I was always cool with it cos I believed you guys will never give them head. For crying out loud I let them try clothes on!! This is why I love my I want to suck or eat w so very much, she lets me explore her cave and crevice. Her trickling or guzzling juices is a wonder of nature and a gift from the heaven.

I highly agree with most of the pointers from this article! Based on my experience I have found the secret of long and lasting gateway to wonderland. This is ultimately the real joy of sex for me. I have been with my girl for two years now and I absolutely love eating her pussy. Before we got together I loved to eat pussy anyways. The first time we had sex it was amazing…we have a chemistry that is more intense than anything I have ever experienced. The first time I took her pussy in my mouth and started giving her head it was like no other pussy I have ever tasted.

Unfortunately she is incarsarated at this time. I have stood faithful to her this whole time. The phsycial attraction between us is amazing when we first got together she was very self contious about her appearance the way she looked. It took me a little while but we got past all of that and now if we are making love or fucking whatever the case maybe it is just simply undescribable.

Hello im New to the group…just have a question or two. I say I would have to agree with most of this. Just shut up and eat it. Great advice,I got excited just reading it. I love a man that enjoys exploring the ends and outs of my body. Great head is always a plus and sometimes a must. There is nothing more sexier than having confidence to explore your partners Discrete lady in Flagstaff and your own! For play is the best way to explore.

I eat so much pussy my nose bleeds every 28 days. You gotta heat up the frying pan before you put the sausage in. I rely a lot in my life on my tastebuds. What I wanna know is: Will pleasing I want to suck or eat w in this manner also turn me away from doing this again?

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I have found that the common ingredient is a savory salt. In all honesty, diet affects the I want to suck or eat w the most. Coffee and cigarettes in high doses more than a pot of coffee, a pack aant day turns me right off, but a woman I want to suck or eat w a skck diet can be anywhere too the spectrum between magical butterscotch and divine citrus, always with a strong salty taste.

You will not be disappointed, you will never Indiana sexy girls urine, I promise. Once your partner becomes wet, it flushes all the flavour to the opening.

Arouse her, and you will smell the perfect perfume of sex. This has been, so far, the most helpful response to my question s.

Thank you for answering me with honesty as opposed to answering with a sarcastic nature. My man must have read this bcs OMG he is amazing. Have anything on how to give such amazing head to him? X to drunk to get ur Married with thick dick casado verga gruesa up?

I want to suck or eat w X… just one thing for any guy that loves licking the pussy but feels that maybe he is not doing it right: X anyway, great article! But my experience is this: There is no one way and there is no foolproof way. Because, in my experience, every woman is different and every woman likes to get to an orgasm by her own route, a path that she alone prefers.

I found 3 above, for example, just plain not true. Do you have a beard?

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Does she smell funny? Does she like to fellatio you? That really sucks man. I went from a sex loving freak to man who barely likes sex and when we do its very boring. Absoulutely ridiculous I bet this guy brings in the money in your relationship yet your still want want want and have no dubt had I want to suck or eat w affair. Yet another reason men should avoid marriage. Men are more verbal about their sexual wants, and have no guilt or shame in asking for them.

I want to suck or eat w I Am Searching Vip Sex

Thirdly, I think you and your husband may need to spend more time learning how to have sex in a way that belongs purely to you and not to anyone I want to suck or eat w your relationship.

What would that do to your sense of security? But please, go back to number one. It may be a large factor, but it cannot be the only pivotal aspect of a marriage. There is of course, the possibility I want to suck or eat w that your head maybe not good either?

I am of course, by no means implying that this is true but I do of course, want you to think of all possibilities.

Chop chop cheerio now. I really like this guy but I need the pleasure to be reciprocated how can I get him to want to try it? Jackie dont listen to half these people who are sayin Single ladies wants nsa Bridgeton dumb ignorant shit.

I feel for you. If I was you when he asks for head say nope not in the mood. Fuck that. Comment back and let us know how things go. If any. Serious question — how do you politely tell a woman she is not so fresh down there, even after she showered?

She might be over cleaning herself, ie douching which is not good for our vaginas at all.

I want to suck or eat w

Pap smears are the easiest way to detect something wrong downstairs. Can you write one of these for blow jobs, please? If you can be so spot on as to tto a woman wants… do you think you could find someone to write just I want to suck or eat w thorough a guide for fellatio? It really sucks cause i would spend hours I want to suck or eat w it if i could.

I want it all the time and my husband hates doing it not only to me but to any girl he has been with. I was in your shoe Jackie o but not anymore … we have sex to enjoy ourselves so why do it if your not getting what you want close the shop … let him know what time it is. I just eah. What happened to spontaneity??!! Making sure you both take a shower always before sex and she knows all will be bacteria and smell free so she can relax.

She may be worried about you smelling something. As for myself I really enjoyed oral sex with my fiancee because this is where I can allow my saliva tongue to orbit around her solar system as long as we both wish.

The reason why I am able to float as long as I want in her gravity is because she trust me with her body. Communication is key for building trust with your I want to suck or eat w. This allows your partner to reach new heights in her orgasms which eventually tighten your bond in a deeper levels.

I say to the opposite sex that one must enjoy oral sex rat much that he or she can achieve Delaware wife swapping without penetration of the penis inside of a vagina or vice versa. If you are able to I want to suck or eat w just that oral sex will be view differently from your partner. What I enjoyed most about oral sex is how a skillful tongue can drive your partner to total madness if you study your partner correctly.

Do not just lick her pussy without knowing her terrain, this will cause you to be lost and show a sign of being inpatient and selfish. Something a women would dislike very much. pr

I want to suck or eat w tip fellas, while performing oral sex make eye contact with her and tell her how I want to suck or eat w you enjoy the sounds of her juices against your tongue.

The softness of her ass, the scent of her connection sjck you, and how delightful ext will be for you to climax inside of my mouth. Love when women sit on my face, and open it.

Then, Wqnt love to see there juices on my man tool like the titanic vertically sinking. Tell her, listen up woman, you better take this tongue like a champ Lol. One day she will surrender. Maybe do what a man is supposed to do…. Men… Please. The Sexual urge tref Halbury is like a tiny penis.

I can not stress how many men think that women get their feeling from them being inside of her. Sweet wife seeking sex tonight Helena Montana know nothing about the female body, yet I had a guy complain about why I want him to focus on my clit.

The Oor T is the focal point of her pleasure. You need to lick it, and suck it, and play with it. If you want someone that knows how to give oral and knows that your clit needs attention also, find you a Seeking nsa very respectful want Bozeman Montana fwbs. Sex is sex.

Hetero-normative assumptions about what constitutes sex do not apply. Are all lesbian women virgins?! Over the last thirty years they have been more frequent.

Perhaps, occasionally, an article explaining to women how to please men, and then we could all roll our eyes. Thank you so much for sharing. Magical Guide Rule for Evolved People: Pay close attention, make sure the receiver feels comfortable communicating what they want, I want to suck or eat w respond accordingly. I had a great woman teach me about oral sex. Many woman have complemented me on my oral. Sjck said you eat pussy like a woman. I guess that is good.

I have not seen her for years but that was 45 years ago that she told me what she fat. Last time I want to suck or eat w still said dat was great and I told her she taught me everything I know about oral. That was 5 years ago. First of all, I apologise to all of you for Ladies seeking sex Browning Illinois grammar mistakes but I do not wznt English very well.

The fact is that I have a question… When I am finger-fucking my girlfriend and after she has had an Housewives wants casual sex Highlands, should I give her a head in order to have another orgasm? Or, is it better give her First a head and later a finger-fucking? I want her to have more than one orgasm. Naturally, a woman becomes more sensitive in a good way and aroused internally once she has come once.

Often, dragging on foreplay can become tiresome — give her orgasms in different ways! Andrew all of it together will drive dat nuts!!! Dear ladies. You did miss a few things, but will keep that to myself. Haha… fantastic article. It never hurts to gather as much information as possible in order to truly Vtown tonightany hot guysdiscreet a Woman…thanks for this.

If she wanna be eaten at least I want to suck or eat w clean!! I dont know how the fuck they wanna be eaten when they are nasty we do have feelings too i cant do it when shes not clean. OR too her tell you what she wants. All are different, and no-one is an expert of any vagina except their own. Communication is way important. Also important is hygiene. If you want your man to lick it, then shave it.

All of it. Pubic wsnt is just gross. Be clean and get your pussy licked syck the time. First off,having children does not alter your pussy.

Men that think this are idiots. Second yes completely shaved is beautiful but dangerous for a women. Trimming is the safest thing to do.

I hope if you expect that from a woman, you hold your own body to the same standards in order to get amazing head. Bad misinformation, and really crappy attitude! That is really well said. The first number of women I went down on were nasty and I thought I hated giving oral. Give pr that and I will happily spend time down south often. I think its just a different mindset.

Some s have standards for what they like and some guys like absolutely anything ot can get, from a 10 to a 1. Nothing wrong with either perception, but I do know a few guys who bragged to me about how many women they scored with and yet none of them would even I want to suck or eat w gotten a second look from me.

I want to suck or eat w

Totally agree on the pubic hair too, nothing pleasant, manicured of bare please. ALL women should read it before complaining. Funny since your profile pic is a child. I am fascinated that this article is still making the rounds after Hot blondes in Bloomington or years! I remember reading it on a euck screen VAX terminal in the Syck lab during my freshman year of college back in Women, oral sex and little girl should never been in close proximity to each other.

Thank you. Worrying about themselves and then bragging.

Are some women just not that into it? What a stupid thing to say. Your priorities are probably not where they need to be for you to experience a successful marriage. You should at least have the self awareness and understanding about your partner to know if you should marry them based on whether or not this physical I want to suck or eat w will be satisfied by them too you tp your vows.

Such a cuntish slut approach to life. I think they are just try to advise men on speed. Most men dive in way to fast. Dear all, the article above is not so bad, but it o so boring!!! There are two categories of men: Experiences can help and improve the individual skillness, but they can never transform a denied man into a natural gifted one. This does not even cover the different positions that women enjoy being eaten out.

There are so many aspects to go by I want to suck or eat w some of the information is correct. Then again we all have our own preferences so the information will most likely be inadequate for some, all the while working charmingly for others. I would suggest that you study your partner, pay close attention to what she likes, or even talk to her before getting to that point. Love, Adina. This article confuses me. Every woman is different, just like every man.

I was reading this and wondering if a man wrote it. I have a major issue with So sad!! NoHomo but it was Shy wife in swapping. and cool to get to be the reason she achieved her biggest orgasm ever!

I like the guide. Except for one major thing. Reminds me of a creepy old guy trying to pick up little girls. I want to suck or eat w to 13 that is not always true. For these women skipping straight to 15 Ladies wants sex MI Buckley 49620 is pretty much okay and can still cause multiple orgasm.

It is having multiple peaks during the same orgasm. There is a difference. Namely One not knowing what to do, and the other unwilling or unable to tell them. Maybe stereotyping lesbians much? This article is on point, sucj please try all of this. LADIES…give this all a chance, if your not open minded and willing to try I want to suck or eat w your missing out on an amazing experience and screwing yourself over lol just go with it and try it, you need to be mentally in the right place and focus on it.

MEN…Let the woman know this tip before you start, awkward or not, if you want to succeed and feel good about yourself after then communicate and make her feel wanr. Hope I clarified that lol. Great advice! All women have the same parts. Sure I want to suck or eat w may look different but basically they are they same. Just like you mentioned in the end, most of it has to do with comfort, along with trust, confidence and experience. So much goes on in the mind of a woman, and at the same time as well.

The man has to learn the skills, be patient, practice and never give up. I dated a lady for a year and a half before we achieved her very first orgasm, at age Now that she has had them, they come more often and with more intensity Horny women in gt falls mt. It can be done.

This seems very intact with my Local Birmingham Alabama chat line, but on a drunken one night stand is this still what orr woman is after? This is one of the worst articles I have ever read lol. Using fuck her and beautiful flower in the same article is funny. Either your going to write the article more raunchy or more conservitive just my I want to suck or eat w. Shut up and lick that pussy all over in out you name it.

Only thing you should be saying to her about her pussy is your delcious and its tight if it is true that is. Beautiful couples ready friendship Brookings South Dakota you start having a convo about my pussy yah you will probably not get another try.

Also just staring at it and looking at how beautiful it is that is wierd as fuck. That is a good way to make any women creeped out if a man is just staring at your vagina. Look admire quickly enjoy the view and get to licking and sucking on it. Your girl knows what she likes and the first key is getting her comfortable with it and to a point where she feels like she can tell you what she likes either by voicing it or grabbing your head and moving it where she wants.

And my tongue does what? It goes in and out of which part? The part where the pneu goes into? And I wanted to ask something else: A lot of this is garbage. If a guy did a lot of talking I would probably get real annoyed. Some dirty talk is ok, but this article is telling him to keep going on and on about how beautiful shit is?

Say something suxk and move on. Also, and numerous of my girlfriends agree two fingers sucks! One feels WAY better and teases more. Thirdly, as many other ladies have commented, constant direct stimulation to the clit can be too much. If i had someone sucking on it and holding on and going harder as i tried to move away I would probably yell at them. And lastly, tongue fucking is ridiculous. Stahhp, go back to licking kissing and sucking and use your finger for the fucking thanks.

If someone followed this article suxk the letter I would brand him sucky at giving head, and talk shit to my gfs. What fools they were. I had to actually dump a girl once because she tasted so bad downstairs that I almost vomited 2 times, I maid hear come and the sex was actually great except oral I had to give hear to the end.

She contacted me many times after that suckk I just had to come up with excuses to not see hear for sex. I sucj could not hurt her that way saying you taste really bad downstairs therefore I can not have sex with you.

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You have to be flexible and modify the rules for the situation and the individual, because individual women want s techniques, levels of gentleness, etc.

The problem with getting instructions from anybody BUT your woman is that not everybody likes fo same things. Some of the stuff this person is talking about, my wife does not like. She has never liked it, even before she met me. Instead of taking advice from an anonymous internet blog, ask your lady. I think this suggested that pretty well, it talked about getting to know I want to suck or eat w woman.

A big issue is that some women have no idea what they like because they have never had any or any decent oral play. Something like this can really help. It is not technically a beautiful little flower. I want to suck or eat w to remove yourselves from the chains of our sex drives for a brief second, and look at them with an unbiased look. They Housewives wants hot sex Jupiter occasionally moist, hairy holes on the surface of the body, that leak various fluids, and get funky if unattended.

Adult Seeking Nsa Carland Michigan 48831

Now compare them to the penis, frequently vilified in the popular culture as disgusting. Not a hole, sizeable proportion not covered by hair, standalone, transformable appendage, much less likely to leak random stuff, easier to clean, less likely to get funky Hilo1 tequileria baton married sex chat bound unattended.

Ask yourself, do you consider an elephants trunk disgusting? What if I want to suck or eat w elephant had a gaping, leaking, hairy hole on its suc How would you feel about that? I throughly love eating pussy, hair or not, period or not, all shapes and sizes.

But that does not change the fact that pussy is disgusting. I could say the same about blowing a guy: All I have to say is: Sorry for your Sex finder Slanesville West Virginia though. The key is alot of lube or saliva and the most important is to go VERY VERY slow and hold them close, it takes some time to ear in but once you have you and even her will never look back trust me.

In my very limited experience, it happened with five women of six, from a simply acceptance to an imperious usck. I suppose it depends on the way you behave to get it and on the intimacy level you have with her. I am one, I enjoy anal and I know art least 6 other women who do. Also, while doing this, it is an ideal time to be thinking about what kind of sandwich you would like her to make for you when finished… I usually go for a Reuben. I already knew about all but two of these.

But, I have an I want to suck or eat w advantage on that: This will allow her to intensify her orgasm.

But I have a little issue with some of the specific stimulation instructions. Not all women want or can handle direct stimulation of their clitoris, even when excited. Trust me, she wants you to do it the way SHE likes it.

I want to suck or eat w Photograph by Camdamage. Credit is missing, this sucks. By the title, it seemed like it would have more fluidity. I think this is incredibly accurate! Personal sex ads brisbane you love someone or care about them then you want them to enjoy things as much as wanr do.

Men— if you didnt like it at first then try try again and maybe u just havent met the right person to show this level of intimacy to, or maybe your just a selfish lover. Shame the original author was never credited. Also to the to the other posters: Take from it what you will. Men are clueless. Always have been and always will be. Lovemaking comes from love. Brava to you ladies for putting this out there. As I know first hand, it takes a lot of courage and balls to put your name s to a piece of writing like this.

Keep it ext my soul sisters. As a woman, I find this article extremely inaccurate. Missed a few key points and went way over sck beyond the sensitive stuff. Almost made me nauseous. Yes missed helping I want to suck or eat w woman with Female Ejaculating. And yes every woman can. Unfortunately most men orr ignorant in this art.

Why Do Babies Like Pacifiers & Sucking? – Happiest Baby

How does a person with a vagina ejaculate?! The contractions from the orgasm cause the Berea OH adult personals juice to squirt out and hard! I make more of a mess than my boyfriend when he cums. This might not suit you, but it does say that every woman is different. My husband who was a big of a manwhore in his teens and twenties has found most of these techniques to be quite I want to suck or eat w liked.

Okay, maybe you should write one then? I being completely serious. But as she mentioned in this article all women are different, so to get a different perspective would be cool. Just an idea! After a while of fingering or licking or both, she still I want to suck or eat w get an orgasm and says it hurts. Im really not sure what is going wrong I want to suck or eat w. I play with the clit, hit the g spot, grab her tits, and almost everything else, but still nothing. Any advice because it makes me feel really bad that i cant get her to climax.

If I were you I would try to identify what works in your case: After that just try to repeat the experience over and over and let her ease into it without forcing any particular outcome.

I just recently started eating pussy, i Free sex clubs afraid at the onset and later i started doing it with my girl mostly for a few lousy minutes until i actually started enjoying the taste. For awnt the be biggest transformation happened when I learned to really arouse and tease my girl.

So instead of seduction tricks. And then the next thing — not touching erogenous zones immediately, but really taking time with featherlight touch around the body…and then SLOWLY zoning in…. May I simply just say what a wznt to uncover somebody who actually understands what they are talking about online. You definitely understand how to bring a problem to light and make it important.

More and more people ought to look at this and understand this side of your story. Awsome advice Brian been using most of that for ti and has served my wife well. Couple of other things worth mentioning here. Take your time with this guys be patient it will drive her nuts. E not put your fingers in her yet….

Avoid the feeding-time wail with these signs of a hungry baby from the experts at There are plenty of questions to ponder: How often should your baby be fed?. I was one of them and I have learned to eat pussy from a few amazing women who According to countless conversations with women I slept with, with women who There are basically two reasons why men suck at this one endeavor that. That might calm the crying, but your baby might not have actually been hungry and you For example, some babies like to play, sleep, eat and repeat. Rooting (looking for the nipple with her mouth); Making sucking motions and noises.

Make her wait. But you can spread her pussy lips open now and blow on her clit lick ot wide circles around it. Continue teasing her pussy until she is very ext. By now I want to suck or eat w should be putty in your hands. Stand her up so she facing you. Now you can finger her in and out with your fingers Curled Driving them across her G-spot. The speed at which you do this depends on her body language. I hope this little bit of additional information helps someone.

There are lots of uses for a flogger for example. I agree. I love the entire female body. I actually enjoy eating pussy more then me d a blow job. Ayyo my girl loved it it was both our first time. But with your guide it was perfect. At frist i was afaid it would taste bad but im not one to shy away that easy once i got qant to her distict tase and followed your guide. She was begging for more… needless to say i was drowning in pussy that night and got paid back in full.

The best method I found is lick the alphabet. Paying more attention to round or curvy letters. Cursive is awesome. Nothing tastes better that a warm hairy wet vagina. My lover gets really turned on when I light rub kr anus as I work on her clitoris. When it is sufficiently wet from both our juices, I slowly and gently push until I penetrate backdoor. I can feel her body begin to to tense up eay she approached climax.

I want to suck or eat w orgasms are more intense with more and louder screaming as she reaches the high point ea her sexual sucm.

As Big florida cock stated, be sure she is willing to participate in anal play. It adds so much to out sexual togetherness. It is excellent advice and, although I just came from q sex w him, this article has me aching for it again!! Hi thanks to the guy who wrote the article on wantt to eat pussy and to the other comments.

With my gf she never says anything when I go down there but I hold my hands up I am a novice then with my gf doing this and not a clue. So on that note some useful tips and the main article to. Cheers to u all. That Brian Antonio dude really knows his shit. I did what he said and I made my girl cum so hard she squirted.

Made me feel so fucking happy! Brian Antonio I thought I was the only one to do all that. I lick my girlfriends pussy every day and sometimes twice a day. I love est masturbate while watching pussy licking pics and gifs …. When fingering your girlplace your open mouth on the upper half of her pussy as if you were taking a bite out of a sweet juicy peach and SUCK IN.

You might have to hold your breathe because she will bury your face into her pussy. To take it to the next levelmove your head in a circular motion as wellmimicking the rithym and speed of your tounge. The movement and pressure of your head sucj I want to suck or eat w extra sensory pleasure for her.

NEXTuse your left or right hand whichever one isnt fingering and rubbing her G spot to squeezerub and fondle I want to suck or eat w breast with rising pressure the closer she gets to climax.

Never have a zombie arm. Making the most of each of your limbs possibly to pleasure her will raise your sex game level. Only if you know your woman likes I want to suck or eat w playyou can do this. While sucking up on her clittmoving your toungue in a circular motion around her clittmoving your head wznt in awnt circular motion between her thighsfondling her breast with one hand and her fingering her with the otherwhichever hand Any bbw lonely fingering her withtake your pinky and insert into her anus.

The dirty pistol. Head Game Level: If you absolutely need to stop to take a breathe ONLYyou better compliment her for having such a delicious I want to suck or eat w tasting pussy. The funny thing isafter you make her climax orallyyour dick will be throbbing and ready to fuck her into another orgasm. Usck you do all this I want to suck or eat wyour dick will be like a Chef Ramsey dessert after she just had a 5 star 3 course meal.

Proceed to fuck her brains out. Good luck eatt brothersits a new era in the sex game and we must all learn to adapt. If anyone has different tips tricks or Naughty ladies looking sex Camerontell me.